Alumina Flux Crushed Stone ЩГФ-75

Alumina Flux Crushed Stone ЩГФ-75

Alumina flux crushed stone received from the slag, generated during chrome metal melting, by means of its remelting in electric-arc furnace with addition of charging materials.

Alumina flux crushed stone stone is used:

  • as fillers of fire clay castables and refractory items;
  • for preparation of refining slags, metallurgical slags, sulphur removal out of the metal.

Chemical composition

ParameterMeasuring Range, %
Al2O3≥ 75
MgO≤ 3
Cr2O3≤ 2
CaO≥ 10
SiО2≤ 2
FeO≤ 1,5

Lumps size: 0-400 mm; 0-100 mm; 0-10 mm.

  • bulk;
  • big bags of 1000 kg net

Lumps size as well as packing can be obtained according to the Customer’s demand.