Aluminum Paste

Aluminium paste is a mixture of ground aluminium (powder) and special additives, which ensure the particles cohesion. Use of aluminium paste as gas forming agents in production of aerated concrete and cellular blocks allows to obtain a finished product with such properties, as light weight, good overall performance and high seismic stability.

AppearanceSilver white powderSilver white powder
Solids content≥65%≥70%
Active Al content≥86%≥86%
Residue on sieve
0,075 mm
Gas formation time4 min 40%-60%
16 min ≥90%
30 min ≥99%

4 min 40%-60%
16 min ≥90%
30 min ≥99%

Water solubilityNo particlesNo particles

Packing: polypropylene bags of 25 kg net.