Chromium Carbide Сr3С2

Chromium Carbide Сr3С2

Chromium Carbide may be used in composition of different coatings, working in conditions of wear, high temperatures and in corrosive environment. It is also the main component of tungsten-free hard alloys.
Due to a high melting point, as well as hardness, maintained at high temperatures, and owing to chemical stability, Chromium Carbide Сr3С2 is applied as a component of surfacing alloys and hard-facing alloys, used for manufacture of nozzles, high-temperature bearings, die forms for pressing brass profiles, sandblast machines nozzles, inserts of large-size dies for pipes drawing.
Owing to a high resistance to different chemical agents and oxidation stability, Chromium Carbide Сr3С2 is used in filters in chemical industry, in electrodes (in electrochemical processes), in bearings and in seals of pumps, feeding salt water at a high pressure during flushing of sea tankers oil tanks, in parts of acid transfer pumps, in nozzles for corrosive liquids and gases.

Chemical composition:

GradeCr %С %S %Fe %Si %
КХbase≤ 13.5≤ 0.05≤ 0.5≤ 0.5

Chemical composition may vary depending on the Customer’s requirements.
Packing: as per Customer’s demand.
Particles size: 0-71 um; 0-250 um; 71-250 un.
Particles size may shall obtained according to the Customer’s demand.