Alumina Flux Crushed Stone AF-50

Alumina Flux Crushed Stone AF-50


Alumina Flux Crushed Stone grade AF-50 is received from slag, generated during melting of low-carbon ferrochrome as per aluminothermic technology.

Alumina flux crushed stone AF-50 is used in cement industry, as a filler for concrete, for induction for refining slags, for thinning metallurgical slags and for metal desulphurization.

ParameterContent, %
Al2O3≥ 50
MgO≤ 20
Cr2O3≤ 10
CaO≤ 20
SiО2≤ 5
FeO≤ 3
TiO2≤ 0,2

Lumps size: 0-400 mm; 0-100 mm.


  • bulk;
  • big bags of 1000 kg net

Lump size and packing may be provided according to the Customer request.