Aluminum Powder

Aluminum Powder
Spec. 24.42.21-07-05859678-2018

Aluminum powder is a product of grey colour with metallic luster.

Aluminum powder is used:

  • for production of alloys;
  • as a reducing agent in aluminothermic processes;
  • for production of pastes and powders in paint and coatings industry, for production of cellular concrete, in pyrotechnics.

Chemical composition:

Mass fraction of Al, %, min99,7
Mass fraction of Fe, %, max0,2
Mass fraction of Si, %, max0,15
Mass fraction of Cu, %, max0,01
Moisture, %, max0,02
Grinding degreeUndersize of sieve mesh
No. 2.5 (max 2500 micron)
0 – 315 um
0 – 250 um

Particles size may be obtained according to the Customer’s demand.
Packing: big bags of 1000 kg net.
Packing may be changed and provided as per the Customer’s request.